Girl Trouble

I didn’t really expect to be posting again so soon but I have a few things I want to get off my chest. But before I do that, I would like to thank everyone that has visited this blog so far and for commenting. I really appreciate the support.

A perfectly ordinary night sat watching films at a friend’s house was spoiled when my housemate Emma dropped a bombshell and announced she is moving out at the end of the academic year. According to her, this was always the plan. She is actually rather infuriating a lot of the time so I’m not exactly devastated that she’s going but it puts the rest of us in a rubbish situation. There is rumour that another of my housemates, Asif, is also planning to leave. Either way, whoever is left will either have to move somewhere else or live with a complete stranger unless we are somehow very lucky. And despite the fact that my other female housemate Hannah doesn’t like Emma much either, I can guarantee she will be tears over this. It looks very much like even my home won’t be a pleasant place to be for the next few months and possibly even years. I’m quite stressed about this already.

I do have a little news on the romantic side too. There’s a girl I kind of like called Catherine but the chances of us ever getting together are slim. She’s the ex-girlfriend of my closest friend at university John and doesn’t seem in the slightest bit interested. Nevertheless, I have been keeping optimistic and being a little flirty and extra-nice to her. I haven’t told a soul about this either. Then yesterday we were writing a silly text message and I suggested we use the word “oral” instead or “vocal” because it would be funnier. And then Hannah said in regards to the word oral “We could just leave you in a room with Catherine”. I just nodded non-comittedly but inside I was very confused. Did she say this as a joke or was it something more? She could have been hinting that it’s really obvious that I am attracted to Catherine. If I was being really optimistic I would say that it’s a hint that Catherine is attracted to me. I’ve decided it best not to think about it too much that’s easier said than done. If anyone wishes to comment with their interpretation, please do!

Tonight Hannah has had a guy she really fancies round who she is trying to get with. The only issue is that he already has a boyfriend. Morally she should stop trying to split them up and he should know better, but if I was in a similar situation to her I would try and pursue it. The guy is being a complete moron and should stop leading her on or attempting to cheat on his girlfriend, whichever he is doing. But Hannah just can’t see that.

With all these events combined, I have to say I don’t have a very high opinion of the opposite gender at the moment. If girls could show me they are not all bitchy all the time then perhaps I would like them more.

At this point, things can only get better. Actually that’s probably not true but things will be really, really awful if they get any worse.



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