The Plan

The last couple have weeks have been challenging. November has been a pretty good month so far in the grand scheme of things but there is one issue that I can’t just get out of my head. Yep, the whole relationship thing.

Normally I live huge swathes of my life without even thinking about the fact I’m single. But all of a sudden everyone else in the house is in a relationship or sort of is. John has a girlfriend at home, Emma is in a complicated relationship with someone at home, Hannah is still attempting to get with a guy who isn’t interested and now Asif has got with our mutual friend Daisy. And then there’s me, lonely little Steve. When everyone else in the house is either talking about their partner or with with them, I am sat here with little chance of a relationship any time soon.

There are two girls I’m sort of into though. Catherine, who I mentioned in the last post, is a lovely girl who I quite like. But then there’s Lucy. Ever since the start of uni I have really liked her and I might even go as far as to say that I love her. She alternates between seeming really into me and really not into me. It makes things difficult. So today I am going to find out, or at least attempt to. Here’s the “plan” I came up whilst lying in bed this morning. I would go round to her house and say “I’m doing to do something to you and I really hope it doesn’t freak you out but here goes” or at least something like that. Then I would kiss her, fairly suitably and pull away slightly. Either she would then kiss me back or be really not into it and back away. Obviously the first option would be preferable and lead to good things.

The whole plan is a bit crazy and could go so spectacularly wrong it’s unreal. If worst comes to the worst Lucy might never speak to me again and I might be humiliated amongst my friendship group. But hopefully it could go well.

So I am off to Lucy’s house now. The plan might not even go ahead. She might not be in or her housemates might be around or, the most likely option, I will chicken out. The most awkward thing is that most of my housemates are going to her house tonight so if things goes bad I’m in for an awkward evening. I shall let you know what happens fairly soon. Wish me luck!



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