It has been over six months since my last post which is awful but then again that’s the whole point of this blog. Occasional posts in my long quest to find love.

The last time I wrote a post, way back in February, my life was at an all time low. I have never felt as awful as I did back then. Fortunately things have changed and life is ok right now. The housing situation was fine and I ended up having a brilliant Summer, which included three different holidays: one with my friend, one with my family and one with my university. It was an awesome summer and it pretty much turned my life around.

So, plenty of opportunities to meet girls then? Yes, but nothing has changed in the romance department. I’ve now been single for nearly three years and have not received the slightest bit of romantic interest. I am such a loser.

At the beginning of the year I told you about being interested in a girl called Sally (although that is not her real name- all of the names here are changed because it’s a secret online identity. A bit like a lame Batman). I thought that I had competition for Sally with another guy but I’ve since come to the conclusion that he might be gay.

Sally and I are kind of close during term time and I regularly suspect that we could end up together. But every time we get close we are separated for a long period of time. We got close until about Easter and then the ridiculously long university summer holiday began and we didn’t see each other for 2 months. Then in September the new term began and I saw her virtually every day. But then six weeks ago our course work experience began and we went our separate ways for the time being. Maybe one day things will happen with Sally but I feel we need to build up to a relationship if it is going to happen. But seeing as though from July she will be one of my new housemates, there’s more chance than ever.

Currently though I am considering taking some rash and rather unlike me action. I finish the six week work experience this week and during this time I’ve got close to a student who is also doing work experience there but is in the year below me. For the purposes of this blog, her name is Lilla. In the unlikely event that I manage to get her alone and actually build up the courage to do it, I am going to ask Lilla if she would like to go on a date with me. The chances of success of pretty damn low but I don’t really have a lot to lose. For once in my life I am determined not to be a lame duck and to actually make a positive step forward in the romantic front. Even if I get rejected at least I’ll feel good about doing something positive for once!

Wish me luck!